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Shopping for Appliances – Travis Family

Thomas and Bethany Travis shop for appliances

Designing Spaces

For this renovation on Military Makeover, veteran Thomas Travis and his family will receive new appliances for their new home. During Part 1 of Military Makeover, Tommy and Bethany go to Sears Hometown & Outlet Store in Ocoee, Florida to select a new washer/dryer set, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator. They meet with Ron Khoury who shows them around the store and investigates the family’s needs for their new home appliances. Ron recommends Samsung’s Activewash, a washer which provides a built-in sink to allow for pre-treating, soaking, pre-washing, and hand-washing because Bethany has two very young girls, and many times their clothing needs to be pre-washed first before going into the washer. Each appliance Ron recommends meets the family’s needs in a variety of ways. Bethany and Tommy are thrilled with their new appliances and cannot wait to see them in their new home.

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