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Intermatic Incorporated Protects The Electrical Needs of the Travis’ New House

Military Makeover brings in Kimberly Durkot, Product Manager for Intermatic Incorporated, to talk about surge protection and how to protect household electronics with a whole house system. Intermatic Incorporated has been a family-based business in the United States for over 125 years, and is thrilled to be installing their products in the Travis’ new home. Kimberly discusses the importance of protecting expensive products in the home like PCs, flat screen TVs, washer, dryer, and even the central AC system from surges, brownouts, and short cycling. She talks about Intermatic’s award-winning product, The Compressor Defender, which is installed  on the air conditioner condenser unit. Additionally, Kimberly talks about the waterproof covers that have been installed on all the outside outlets around the pool. They are crucial for keeping family members safe and protecting the outlet from wet weather conditions.

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