Parke Family

Military Makeover: The Parke Family Gets a ‘Forever’ Home

The Parke Family Gets a ‘Forever’ Home-Designing Spaces’ Military Makeover, sponsored in part by Paralyzed Veterans of America, launches into a new three part series with host R. Lee Ermey- “The Gunny”, also featuring co-host Art Edmonds. Tech Sergeant Kevin Parke, an explosives coordinates disposal expert, has seen some dangerous action in the Middle East. Today Kevin, along with his wife Tiffany and their five children, live in a home targeted for a Military Makeover. Wounded veterans like Kevin motivates Military Makeover to pay back for the sacrifice, Kevin and his family are sent packing, so the envoy of dedicated volunteers and businesses can get down to the extensive changes planned. The clock is ticking as labor and products come together to “renovate with extreme intent”. In the final episode of the three, as older furnishings are blended with the new, the family returns. The Gunny introduces them to their beautiful re-made home, complete with surprises that bring on tears of joy.

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