Wusthoff Gives Back to the Travis Family

Wusthof Executive Chef, Mike Garaghty visits the Travis’ new home to talk about the new 30 piece knife collection that has been given to the family. The collection includes a variety of different knives. Chef Mike continues to explain the three basic knives needed for any kitchen: the chef’s knife, the serrated knife, and the paring knife. A chef’s knife will see the most action in the kitchen. It is used for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping. The serrated knife is extremely handy for cutting crusty breads, soft foods, and tomatoes, and the paring knife is a great knife for precise jobs like mincing garlic, peeling apples, and topping strawberries. Having a great set of knives makes life easier in the kitchen, and Wusthof is proud to give back to the Travis family with this essential collection.

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