Making Dreams Come True for the Phinizy Family in South Florida!

Military Makeover: The Phinizy Family Gets a Home Makeover!

Billy & Lauren Phinizy currently live in Kendall, Florida with their two young children, Benjamin (7) and Grace (5). While the family is faced with many challenges, they remain hardworking & humble. They love to have a good time, but also understand the value of working for everything they have & giving back. Billy’s military service began in the 1990s, and he served as a 68w combat medic both times he was deployed to Afghanistan. Although Billy loves his country & is proud of his service, when he returned home, Lauren knew something wasn’t right. Shortly after his return, Billy spent several months in an inpatient facility for severe PTSD. At that time, they discovered he also had a “ton” of other health related issues. This resulted in his immediate medical retirement & being classified as 100% permanently & totally disabled by the VA. However, the Phinizys do not let this stop them. This amazing family still works to make every day a GREAT day!

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